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Our day is a structured one and we follow the same basic schedule each day. Specific activities are planned and encouraged to develop fine motor skills, gross motor skills, perceptual discrimination, cognitive development and social and emotional development. A typical day includes:

  • Circle Time

  • Centers – Creative & hands on learning

  • Playground Time

  • Art Activity

  • Bible Time –Wednesday Chapel

  • Free Structured Play

  • Science

  • Music and Movement

  • Large & Small Motor Activities

Pre-nursery Curriculum-2 ½ year olds

Our school philosophy is that play is the central part of a child's learning. Activities and lessons are play based to foster the social, emotional, cognitive and physical development of each child. Our curriculum is filled with hands on activities both planned and spontaneous. Teachers work with the children individually and in small groups. Spiritual development is central to our curriculum. We provide experiences for listening to simple Bible stories and emphasize multi-sensory presentation through music, finger plays, rhymes and art activities.

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