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Our Mission


ABC Preschool & Daycare Center strongly in sharing the Word of our Lord Jesus Christ.
We believe that family values are an important part of growing up. We also believe the best way to serve the needs of all the children enrolled in our program is in building a strong partnership between home and school.

Sharing the work of our Lord Jesus Christ is our ministries' goal.


Our Christian curriculum embraces the whole child by providing creative centers to develop their natural curiosities in a Christian atmosphere.

Our professionally trained staff have backgrounds in early childhood education. Our teachers hold Child Development Associate Credentials and creatively plan to learning environments that are designed to meet the needs of each child.

We believe that children learn through their play. Our learning experiences are conducted in center-based learning activities. Our creative centers are used to develop children's natural curiosities by exploring areas of music, drama, problem-solving, and art. Our cognitive centers are rich with activities that develop skills in pre-reading, pre-writing, social studies, and pre-math. We provide large motor and small motor activities to strengthen the children's physical abilities as well as their mental abilities.

All this is done in a Christian atmosphere where the love of our Lord Jesus Christ is shown to every child each day.

Pre-School is an introduction to formal education and our program is structured to introduce the skills that will cultivate an eagerness for learning.



Through the scriptures, Jesus sets an example for parents and teachers alike. Jesus always had time for children. He always made them feel special.

Our Staff recognizes the need for your children to develop a positive self-concept and to feel special.

The "pre" school years, birth to age five, have proven to be the most critical in developing healthy life-long attitudes towards self and others.

Furthermore, because our Savior bears no limits in His loving, we too open our hearts to all children regardless of sex, race, creed, or national origin. ABC Pre-School is an equal opportunity employer and provider.


ABC Pre-School is part of Redeemer Lutheran Evangelical Church and as such, the children will be expected to participate in Sunday worship services from time to time. ABC Pre-School and Redeemer Lutheran Elementary Children's School Choir sing about four times a year. This allows the congregation to meet the children and their families, and builds a relationship with the members of Redeemer Lutheran Evangelical Church who established this educational ministry.

Redeemer Lutheran Evangelical Church began ABC Pre-School & Daycare's ministry in April, 1973 to provide quality care for the children of Las Vegas. With God's help our ministry has remained an outreach to the community.

ABC Pre-School is licensed for children ages 2 years old to children needing track break and summer care up to age 12.

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